Sunday, May 16, 2010

A conference and not much else

Yesterday we took a drive to Ballarat for a Home Education Conference.  I only got the notification of it late last week, so it was a last-minute decision to attend.  I'm so glad Michael talked me into it though!  The speaker, Barbara Smith, seemed to confirm some things the Lord has been bringing up for me in recent times.  It has given me much to pray about and mull over.

However, I feel now that I can relax a little bit with our homeschooling and not worry so much that we don't seem to be getting much done (especially since my little technology mishap).  I'm currently reading Ruth Beechick's "The Three R's", which is also relieving some of that self-imposed pressure.  ;)

In other news, there has not been much happening.  Apart from the hectic day-to-day necessities with 5 children under 7, our life has been relatively uneventful.  I have been tired with Abigail waking during the nights (which is my excuse for not updating earlier ;) ).  Speaking of Abigail though, she has had a temperature today.  38.3 degrees, lowering to 37.2 after some baby panadol.  Poor little dear!  She's been a little clingy, and a bit sleepier than usual, but she is still feeding regularly.  I'll continue checking her temperature, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

I have a few photos from recent times, but not many.  Our camera is falling apart (literally!) which makes it hard to use.  I've taken a couple on my mobile, but they are terrible quality!  I'll see if I can gather any worth viewing and post them soon.  I'm praying that somehow I can get a new camera!

Michael has been putting in late nights and early mornings working on his assignments.  He also has exams coming up soon, so a bit of extra study will probably be on his agenda.

My agenda for the coming week includes creating a bit more order in our home, school, spending time with my amazing husband and wonderful children, reading, playing, going for walks, having fun...and much more I'm sure!

Only by His grace,

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