Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She rolled!

In my last post I mentioned that Abigail had a temperature.  Over the next couple of days it kept rising and falling and Abigail wasn't feeling great at all.  She ended up being unwell for some time with a viral infection.  It wasn't until her temperature peaked at 39.1 that she began to improve.  She is now back to her smiling, joyful self.  Praise God!

Today, Abigail rolled!  She was playing on her tummy when she suddenly rolled onto her back.  It was totally unintentional and the look of momentary shock on her face was just adorable.  I couldn't believe it!  She only did it once, but I expect she will develop in this area in leaps and bounds!

Remember when we went to the botanic gardens?  Well here is the craft we did with those bits of nature we collected.

Ignore the reflection of my drying rack ;)

The children loved doing this craft (thanks for the idea Saminda) and made a number of them.  The best one by each child (chosen by the children) were put up in the toy-room window.  They are still there and we are observing the fascinating process of decomp  ;)

In recent weeks, a friend has been visiting to help establish our vegie patch.  I have found that I haven't had the time to spend in the garden (or to do the research to learn how to develop one!), so this has been such a blessing.  Each Monday the boys spend an hour or two weeding, planting, watering...  It's amazing seeing the little plants beginning to grow!  And the chooks are loving all the "bad bugs"  ;)

Turning the soil
Pulling weeds

Learning about one of those "bad bugs" ;)
Thanks Mrs. Naylor!

 Only by His grace,

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