Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dropping in

I know I haven't posted for ages again and I haven't forgotten that I said to one beautiful girl that I'd try and update in the next couple of days.  This is me, keeping my promise!  ;)

I'm sure you want new pictures of the children and stories of the funny things they get up to, but I have been so flat out I really haven't had time to think.  My camera is broken, so I have only my mobile phone for photos...and it takes terrible photos!  I'm really praying that I can get a new camera soon.  I do have a few that I will post soon but I have to get them off the other computer...because we've had trouble with the network.  *Sigh*  Gotta love technology!

On Sunday we had visiting ministry.  Ps. Matt Street preached an excellent message on prayer.  This was Jeremiah's summary - "We need to get our superhero costumes.  We get them from our prayer cupboard."  Ah, from the mouths of babes!

Our schooling is still happening even though it is officially school holidays.  We school year round at this stage so the children keep, somewhat, to a routine.  I pulled out the white board recently and it has been a big hit!  No problems at all getting Elijah to do his work.  If he is writing on the whiteboard, he doesn't see it as schoolwork because it's not in a book.  We were playing around with a new phonics rule the other day (on the white board) and he said to me a little while after, "Mummy, can I just do my maths today and not my phonics?"  Of course, I obliged ;)

Elijah's reading is progressing in leaps and bounds.  He reads everything he can get his hands on.  I have never before noticed how many horrible things people put on their cars!  Jeremiah is becoming more and more interested in writing, as is Bethany.  And all of the children just love to be read to.

Our precious little Abigail has fallen off the growth charts!  The MCHN has been a bit concerned, but Abigail is healthy, proportionate and meeting all the other milestones.  Also, when she had a visit to the hospital, the paediatrician that saw her wasn't at all concerned.  So neither am I.  To me, she is just perfect.  :)

And now, I must fly...

Only by His grace,

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