Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all a-go!

Remember I mentioned that we would have access to the new property before the move-in date?  Well, we have signed all the paperwork, and have confirmed that we can pick up the keys tomorrow.  The skip will be put on-site on Friday and we officially move in 10 days.

The packing is still quite slow, but I have a couple of people dropping in this week to help out.  The books are pretty much done, as are the DVDs / videos (they were easy as most of them were already packed away).  The toys have been sorted into plastic tubs for ages, so most of them are ready to go and the ones we still have left out will not take long to pack away.

My biggest area will be the clothing.  It seems that 7 people in a house equates to alot of clothing and shoes!  I was hoping to not have to move everything as it is, but I am struggling to find the time to sort through it all.  I know there are quite a few that need to be handed on or given to good will.  I want to have them all sorted into boxes according to sex and size, and also minimise the amount that each child has in their drawers.  I have decided that my purpose here is to raise children, not do laundry.  I figure, therefore, if there are less clothes available, the laundry will get done more efficiently and there will be less of it!  So, if I don't manage to do that before we leave, it will be high on the to-do list once we are settled.

On the school front ...well...,, there is no 'real' school front at the moment!  We are taking lessons in 'effective box packing', 'using a packaging-tape gun', 'removing reusable adhesive (blu-tack) from walls', 'reading to the younger children', 'calming the baby', 'defrosting the meat for dinner', 'making mummy a hot drink'...and for sport the children are enjoying 'climbing the mountain of packed boxes'.  ;)

Only by His grace,

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