Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the packing begin!

And it has begun.  I have started with the books.  We have many books.  And as I am packing, I am cataloging.  It is somewhat satisfying to see the pile of boxes beginning to grow.  ;)

In an attempt to contain the 'moving clutter' as much as possible, we have moved the four older children into the same room (they will be together at the new place, so good practise for them) and are using the other room to store the packed boxes.

The other thing I am 'practising' with in preparation for the move, is keeping the kitchen in order.  My next kitchen is small and benchless, with no dishwasher.  So, as I have run out of dishwasher tablets, I have resumed washing dishes by hand.  I have also decluttered the bench (for the most part - I'm still working on it) and am determined to keep it that way.  Good habits are forming, I feel.  ;)

Although I dislike moving with a passion, I am excited about this new chapter of our lives.  And may I just say that God is good? Yes, even when things are not as we would like them to be.  For once again, He has orchestrated things in an amazing way.  When we moved here, we wanted to stay in the same house until we could buy, or until we had need to move on from the area.  And then an 'Auction' sign went up on the front fence.  [Insert exasperated sigh here.]  But, the house did not sell at auction.

However, the house did eventually sell - to an investor.  [Insert relieved sigh here.]  We were once again happy, knowing that we would not be asked to leave.  And then...

...we received notification that the rent would be increased.  We felt our finances begin to groan.  We also received new papers in the mail for our current home, but felt we were not to sign a new lease here.  So we prayed.  And we began investigating what was available.  And we prayed some more.  And looked some more. What else could we do?

The only response God was giving was, "Trust Me".  To which my response was a defiant, "I don't want to!  I want to know.  I want security!"  Isn't it good that God has enough love and grace for His impertinent children?

We came across a house that is older, a bit run-down and needing a bit of TLC, but big enough for our family and suitable for our church and ministry commitments.  We decided that because of its condition, we would not pay the price per week they were asking.  So we made an offer.  And they made a counter-offer.  Which we accepted - with conditions.

The conditions included the provision of a skip to remove rubbish, access to the property prior to lease commencement, internal modifications to the kitchen and putting up a house and run for the chooks.  We would do the work, but the owner was to pay for the skip (and wearing the cost of having a vacant property for four weeks).

We waited a week for the agent to get back to us again.  We got accepted with EVERYTHING that we asked for!  And our finances are happy again.  More than happy as we will be paying significantly less rent than we have been paying for the last 15 or so months.  Praise be to God!

And so I wonder.  What has God got in store for us in this new season?  Whatever it is, I know that God's plans are better than mine.

Yes.  God is good!

Only by His grace,


  1. Yes! God is good, and the savings mean committing to travel to Geelong once per week is now affordable. Amen

  2. Travels to Geelong, What are the travels to Geelong for? You know you could be saving that money to put towards a new house... I have learnt a thing or two about saving and it is working quite well in my case. In 6 months I shall have a license... and... a car yipee. And should also be able to come back to Melb for a visit. I am so glad everything is working out on your front. Miss you xx

  3. Mandy - Dad is in Geelong for school once a week. And yes, we will be looking at buying in a couple of years. The kids keep asking when you are coming back. They miss you and so do I. xxx