Sunday, February 27, 2011

News (because I can't think of an interesting title!)

It has been well over a month (again!) since I have posted.  Sorry!  Okay, moving on...

Today a dear pastor and her friend offered to mind the children for a few hours, so Michael and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time together.  We decided to go to the local RSL.  We ate our lunch overlooking beautiful Lake Pertobe, Lady Bay and the breakwater.  It was so peaceful to sit and chat together; simply enjoying each others company.  It is a rare opportunity for us and we savoured every minute!

Over the past month we have been trying to settle into routines and such for the coming trimester; I must admit,  success is still on it's way in this area.  Trimester one for 2011 is going to be a very busy one for Michael, which of course means it will be for me too.  We are currently rearranging the office and family rooms to accomodate more structured schooling times and organisation to our day in general; and I am somewhat enjoying the process of simplifying.  It's refreshing!

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of the usual schooling term, Bethany started ballet classes.  We bought her a couple of cute little ballet outfits for her birthday and enrolled her to learn with a Christian teacher God brought across our path.  She is loving it and I think Monday's have become her favourite day of the week.

Rest assured; we don't usually allow her to dance on the table of the outdoor setting!

All the children have also been enrolled in swimming lessons.  This is especially important to us due to living on the coast, as well as a couple of incidents with little Naomi.  I will share that story in another post.  All the children needed new swimwear, so when Nana Brown sent some money for the children at Christmas, that is what we bought.

Cheesy bunch aren't they?

I haven't managed to remember to take a camera to ballet or swimming class yet, but when I do think of it, I will post some photos for you to enjoy.  I will also try to post a bit about what the children are learning during school, but as we are taking it fairly lightly this trimester, it mightn't be very interesting for you.  We aren't doing much beyond phonics and maths in our planned learning times.  I was going to start the "Australian Book Traveller" this trimester, but I think I might hold back until second or even third trimester.  I need to be fairly flexible, so I'll play it by ear.  We will schedule regular library visits and hopefully other interesting outings as they arise.

I finally (after getting the printer cartridge replaced) got aroung to printing out a big alphabet set.  It has been a big hit with the younger crowd, especially Naomi, much to my surprise.  For a couple of days before I could stick the letters up on the wall, she claimed them for her own.

Of course, "Nn" must be on the top because that is HER letter  :)

She readily recognises each family member's letter.  I did eventually get them away from her long enough to display them.

I do have other news and thoughts to share, but I will save them for another time.  For now, I say goodnight.

Only by His grace,