Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guess the Species

Tower Hill State Game Reserve is one of our favourite places to go.  Sometimes we go there and simply drive through, and other times we stop and walk.  We have a favourite walk - one that is easy for the children (and the parent pushing the pram ;)) and that they know well.

They enjoy looking out for the various animals that make Tower Hill their home - kangaroos, koalas, and emus are the 'usuals', but there are many others to find if you look.

I'm sure the changing seasons mean changes in which animals are around, when they are out, and where they are in the park.  For example, as Autumn has come the dragonfly population has dwindled to nothing and the snakes have become more visable.

This past Saturday we saw three snakes, basking in the sun off the edge of the boardwalk.  The children have enjoyed seeing them and watching them slither off to hide out of sight. And as you can well imagine, seeing snakes so close to the walkways has sparked great 'snake safety' conversations with the children. 

Can you see it?

How about this one?

This one you can't miss!

Three snakes - three different types.  Exactly what they are I'm not sure.  (Please post a comment if you know!)  The middle one looks like a tiger, but I really don't know my snakes so I shouldn't speculate.  Maybe we are due to visit with Mr. Barber again.  He has lots of information on reptiles of all sorts.  Or maybe I should just ask the ranger at the information centre at Tower Hill.

Ahh, I love having the world for a classroom!

Only by His grace,

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