Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have mentioned before how hard it is to really 'catch up' on lost blogging time.  Life just seems to fly by and my thoughts etc just seem to get lost somewhere along the way.

Before I try and put something down for you, I would like to ask you to join me in praying for this sweet sister.  She is going through a very difficult time.  It is one I have been through and I feel for her.  I believe 100% that restoration is possible.  We are living proof.  Will you pray?

Now, where to start?  Hmmmm....

One young woman turned 23 early this month.  I'm sure your birthday was a hoot, Beckee!

Beautiful Birthday Girl...

Those of you who facebook will already know, but Michael decided to cut down his workload at uni to just one subject this trimester.  And then he decided to defer instead.  He may defer for next trimester too, or go back to just one subject.  The aim will be for him to go back full-time again next year.  The reason he decided to defer is to support me during this last stage of pregnancy.  I have had major back pain (some days to point where I can't move) and lots of fatigue.  Actually, Michael is pretty fatigued too.  I feel very blessed that he has done this.  I doubt it was an easy decision for him and I pray that I am able to be the support he needs when he gets back to full-time study.

Staying on the pregnancy train, I am now 31 weeks.  At my last clinic visit, my blood pressure was up a little bit and we found that the baby is lying transverse (horizontal instead of vertical).  I have had this situation before and it is a little early to jump to any conclusions yet.  We'll see what happens over the coming weeks.

As you can probably guess from the above information, school is on the 'basics only' cycle.  Maths and English bookwork daily and just doing life together.  Elijah is devouring reading books quicker than I can supply them for him (he is currently on book 4 of the "Sugar Creek Gang" series by Paul Hutchens - I only have the first 6!) and the other children just love to be read to.  Puzzles, games, cutting, pasting, crafting, helping, music, singing,'s all worthwhile!

Naomi is begging for school work too.  Always asking for her 'sheet' or 'school book'.  Her favourite thing at the moment is letters.  I may as well take advantage of that right?  I do suspect she will read early.  If she is not sitting with her head in a book, she can often be found in my shadow, with book in hand, and the "Mum will you read to me?" question on her lips.

Abigail has been reintroduced to the play-pen and is learning to enjoy her own company for short periods - especially during school time.

All the children are doing well with their swimming, and Bethany is still enjoying her ballet.

It is getting colder, the leaves are starting to turn and fall all over the backyard, the heater is being turned on more evenings and my dryer is working much more often than I'd like!  We are moving things around in the house and trying to get more organised before baby arrives.

Well, that's all from me tonight.  It's late and I'm exhausted.  Swimming lessons are on the agenda first thing tomorrow, so I must get some sleep.

Only by His grace,

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