Friday, September 30, 2011


Naomi is a very active 3 year old.  She is always bouncing, running, dancing...  She is just so joyful much of the time.  But she can also be clumsy and this results in bruises and scraps appearing on her on a regular basis.

Yesterday she was happily dancing away - spinning actually, when she fell backwards and hit her head on the coffee table.  She cried and I gave her a cuddle but didn't really think much of it.  After all, she had done it a number of times before!

She decided she needed to sit down on the couch with a pillow.  After a moment she asked, "Mummy, what's this?"  It was a couple of drops of blood on the pillow case.  Nothing serious and again I thought nothing of it.  Then she said, "Look Mummy, Ellie has blood too."  (Ellie is her toy elephant and Naomi had dressed her it an old baby shirt.)  It was then that I thought I should check her head a bit closer.  (Okay, so I was little slow on the up-take!)

Sure enough, she had cut her head.  She must have hit the corner of the table.  I looked closer again and realised she had a small gash in the back of her head.  Nothing overly serious, but enough to take her to have it glued back together at the hospital.

Looks worse than it is with the blood that had run down

Of course, in typical child-like fashion, it didn't bother her at all.

Here she is in the children's play area in the waiting room

The doctor glued it together, reminded me that it needed to be kept dry for at least 24 hours, suggested we let her stay up a little later than usual to monitor her for the recommended 6 hours after a minor head injury, and sent us home.

Naomi has been her usual bubbly, bouncy self today.  Can't keep them down for long can you?

Only by His grace,