Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guess what we have?

Back in August our neighbour decided she wanted to remove the hedge that grew along the fence line.  As the hedge was holding up the fence, it was only natural that the fence would be replaced.  The hedge was removed and Michael saved the old palings; using some of them to create a new run for the chooks.

Today, the new fence was completed.


Now don't think the builders sloppy for leaving those cut-offs you can see to the right.  They were left deliberately for the children.  The rest had already been gathered up.


I see lots of potential in that lot, don't you?  ;)

Now we're just waiting to see what can be done about the fence on the other side.  We had someone back into it with their car...

...and no, it wasn't one of us.  ;)
The other thing we have is LOTS of bubble wrap!


Fun and free.  Yes, FREE!

Only by His grace,

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