Monday, August 13, 2012


Back at the beginning of last year, we enrolled Bethany in ballet classes.  Not long after Naomi turned 3, she was also enrolled.  When we first moved away from Warrnambool, we thought we would travel back once a week and let the girls finish out the year with Dance Out Loud.

However, we discovered two dance schools within walking distance of our new home; so of course, we had to check them out.  The girls had a 'trial class' with Jammin Dance Works and were hooked!  Jammin Dance Works teaches ballet, jazz and tap - a different style each term.  (I think fourth term is concert-focussed.)  This term they are learning jazz.

Abigail is following in the footsteps of her older sisters.  She loves dancing and practically lives in ballet clothes.  Every week Abi dances on the sidelines during her sisters classes.  She dances around the house.  She dances to the music played in stores.  She dances in church.  Jammin offers a class for 2-3 year olds, but unfortunately our budget doesn't allow for it at this stage.

Last week Alice, (who teaches Naomi in the Kinder class and Bethany in the Tinies class) offered to take Abigail into the Minies class for free!  All we need to do is pay for the costume hire if we decide to allow her to be part of the concert.  We were flabbergasted!

So, today Abi went to her very own class for the first time.  She loved every minute.  Alice had the little costumes in preparation for the end of year concert and so we had a bunch of little buzzy bees dancing around the hall.  So cute!

Still praying, saving and hoping for a new camera!

Only by His grace,

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