Monday, September 3, 2012

Father's Day and more

Yesterday was Father's Day.  It was actually our week to be in Warrnambool for church, but we didn't make it as Jeremiah and Michael were both not feeling great that morning.

As the morning went on, they started feeling better and we decided to go to the local pub for lunch.

The place was almost full when we arrived, although by the time we got to dessert, it was empty.  It was a fairly long wait for the meal, but the children behaved so very well. Half-way through her meal, it all proved too much for sweet Lydia.  ;)

We knew that the sugar from the ice-cream would kick in soon after, so we detoured to the park on the way home.

Abigail was extremely pleased that she can now climb up the ladder onto the play equipment all by herself!  I didn't get a photo though :(

The older ones participated in a few races and even Lydia (now refreshed) joined in.

We love you Daddy!

 There are another 2 children (well, grown-ups now!) who love Daddy too.  That would be these gorgeous girls.

Beckee and Mandy came to visit us recently.  We loved every moment.  I wish we all lived closer so we could catch up more often.  At least they are both in the same state now!  :)

Love these girls..and the cheeky boy too.  :)

They arrived Saturday evening and were swamped by their younger siblings.

After the young ones had been put to bed, we had a meal together followed by a fun game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

The next day, we had a fairly 'quiet' morning and decided to go to Buck's Bakery and have a coffee together before the girls needed to head off home.

We ended up checking out the Camperdown Clock Tower too.  I didn't have the camera with me, but this link has some awesome pictures.  The staircase inside is super steep and narrow.  A bit scary!  In fact, I was secretly happy when Jeremiah panicked part way up to the second level.  It gave me an excuse to stay on the first level platform with him!  Beckee and Lydia stayed too.

All the children received a certificate when they returned down - even Jeremiah and Lydia.

Later, though, Jeremiah felt a little disappointed that he didn't get to the top.  I said that I will take him back, just him and me, next month when it is open again to see if he can get further.  I said that we will go back every month until he reaches the top.  (Hear me draw my breath in?  The things we do to help our children conquer their fears!)

Only by His grace,

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