Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dig - Week Two

I am a little late with this post, but better late than never, right?

We have been continuing our study through Luke with The Dig for Kids.


It has been difficult to be consistent with it to be honest.  This has nothing to do with the study itself - we think it is fantastic and we are loving learning together!  It just seems like since we decided to make this part of our day, something happens to try to thwart us.  This past week has been so busy; we are about 2 days behind.  However, I am learning to just pick it up where we left off and not letting myself get discouraged.  I am, in spite of all the distractions, encouraged to see things like this:

We are continuing with our treasure books and as the children look back through them, they can tell me about the treasures they have picked up throughout our dig.  They can also recite their memory verses - so they are still learning!  I want to encourage anyone out there who is finding it difficult to remain consistent in studying the Bible with their children, that you can all learn even if there are interruptions!  Just don't give up.  I encourage you to have fun with it, allowing lots of discussion and decide to laugh and be joyful when the baby decides to sing at the top of her voice in the middle of the lesson.  ;-)

When our children are not behaving as we would like - being noisy, disobedient, interruptive, it is easy to begin to see them as our enemy.  They are not.  They are children - men and women in training.  This wise woman says, "We have an enemy; but it is not each other."  A very important thing to remember. It is just as important to remember that our children are watching how we deal with the disruptions that happen in life.  I must admit, there are many times I fail in setting a good example.

During week two of our dig we talked about praying for people we know who don't know Jesus yet.  We picked 5 families to pray for each day until the end of our study.  As a visual reminder, we created a 'Prayer Tree'.  The children have a photo of this in their treasure books too.

I cut a simple trunk shape out of brown card, traced around the children's hands on green card, cut them out and assembled them in the shape of a tree.  It is currently stuck on our whiteboard with Blu-tack.  I am thinking I might one day create a large version of this as an ongoing reminder of our current prayer focuses.

Are you looking for a study to use with your elementary-aged children?  I recommend checking out The Dig for Kids!

Only by His grace,

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